Delta Deoxys

This may be a really stupid idea so I’m posting here to know what you guys think before I make the other forms. Typing: Steel/Fire




Oh my Arceus that looks amazing.

*jaw drops in astonishment

Make the defence form a tank.


this is OP

That looks amazing. What about the other forms? If you dont have any ideas, I can help you! The defense mode could be like a tank-shaped machine and the speed mode could be like the standard with metal rollers on its feet and a jetpack on its back!

Speed form could be either a bike or a helicopter

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I’m almost surprised this wasn’t added into 1.2 lol

The last post was 11 months ago, please don’t necro this post and revive a dead discussion

no :^)

great concept in theory, but wouldn’t be something i’d use to be honest

This… Is… The best thing ever! How long did it take you to make these?! Anyway, make more and I hope these end up in the game!