Delta Delibird

Thievery Pokemon

Type: Dark

Level Up Learnset: Thief

Abilities: Frisk, Pickpocket, Magician (Hidden)

I apologize for the orange, but my computer is not in the most cooperative state at the moment.

Pokedex: Born from a Delibird that lacked the usual carefree demeanor and helpful nature.

Edit: sprites added.


I second this idea. (It’d also be cool if Delibird got an evo)

I’m liking this design and idea, just remember to clean things up a bit. Try getting the sprite by itself without the orange background and make sure it isn’t too big.

Get that thing out of jail :sob::joy:

Added shiny form.

Make sure to update the original post with the sprites.

This is my screen. Why is the edit button gone?

No idea, try to refresh the page, or check it is on the top of the post rather than bottom.

Nothing’s changing.

Alright, I’ll fix it then.



Never thought I’d say this but I could actually see myself having a Delibird on my team now.

Great Idea!