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Delta Delacatty line


Note: Before you read this, I’m aware that there is another Delta Delacatty line that (most likely) has the same idea behind the creation of it. I also want to mention that this delta was inspired by the concept of Erwin Schrödinger’s cat either being alive or dead, something that was also mentioned in an episode of Game Theory with multiverses. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I recommend clicking this link to watch it. Once you’ve seen it, you’ll see another key inspiration of this delta. Thank you for reading this first, now, on to the delta.

Delta Skitty:
Shiny Delta Skitty:
Delta Skitty is a Ghost type Pokemon that has the ability Magic Guard. Delta Skitty and it’s next evolution feature a move that is obtained by leveling up called Disturb, a move that lowers the opponents evasiveness stat harshly when it’s a trainer Pokemon, and raises the catch rate of a wild Pokemon by 25%, which can only be used in the beginning of the battle. It’s Pokedex states, “The spirit of a Skitty that lingers in a broken pokeball with faulty wiring. When it cries, you can hear humanoid cries overlapping it’s voice.”

Delta Delacatty:
Shiny Delacatty:
Delta Delacatty is a Ghost/Steel type that has Magic Guard as well. It’s Pokedex says, “It possesses the Pokeball it was found in to give it a physical form. Because it was never put to rest, the Pokeball it possesses is heavily deformed from having the remains of the Delacatty inside it for too long.”

That’s all that I have for this post. Please leave a comment down below if you have any suggestions.