Delta Cubone Line (Suggestions Needed)

I felt like doing some spriting recently and this is what I came up with.

Delta Cubone (Steel) The Knight Pokemon (Right one is shiny)

Ability: Chivalry

Dex Entry: Delta Cubone are very noble Pokemon who use their small spear for defense. They protect any Pokemon from danger.

Delta Marowak (Steel) The Knight Pokemon

Ability: Chivalry

Dex Entry: Delta Marowak fights with all it’s might to protect Pokemon and people alike. It is said if a trainer is able to get Delta Marowak’s trust it will be a great powerful ally.

Mega Delta Marowak (Steel)

Ability: Chivalry

Dex Entry: When Delta Marowak mega evolves it gains lots of knowledge in battling which makes it an ever better ally.

Chivalry: Against this Pokemon, female pokemon always get priority. If Marowak attacks a male it has 1/3 chance to get priority.

Thanks for looking at my latest creation and if you have any suggestions on how I could improve this Pokemon please tell me. Also I would like suggestions for my next Delta.


If you don’t mind me asking, what does the ability “Chivalry” do? Female Pokemon always go first if this Pokemon is out?

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I forgot to add the description, my bad. You can look at it now.

Looking good either way. Good job!:joy:

I finally finished this evolution line