Delta chinchou

My hidden grotto doesn’t refresh and i can’t get it… i someone is kind enough :smiley:

would you be willing to give an IV stone?


I’m down, lmk when you’re ready

ok, so can i just grab a random pokemon, give it an iv stone and trade?

yup IV stone w/random mon is good
trade name hulaunicorns. Lmk when you’re online

rn actually

trade name?

this is gonna be a stupid question but how do we trade, never done it before

dexnav >> link icon (middle small button) >> login/register >> trade

(lmk if you need further help)

whaddya mean? what doesn’t exist

it worked now

alrighty, tradename?


try again?

um, ok

worked? thanks for the stone btw :))

thanks, i can give you another iv stone for a delta golet if you’re interested

oh sure I’m down j a sec

okay let me find a ranpoke