Delta Braviary

This is unfinished and not very good but I spent a lot of time on it might ad well post it.
Type: Fire/Fairy
Ability: Desolate Land
Dex: This pokemon is said to be able to choose a good ruler.
Dex: This pokemons wings are made of real gold and actually magnifie sun rays.

Based off Ra the Egyptian sun god
I dont care what you say Im not reading any of the comments

If you’re not reading any of the comments why did you post it?

Why aren’t you reading the comments? People aren’t hating on you if that’s what your thinking, just giving you criticism. Also when people do hate on you it’s for using parts from other pokemon which isn’t creative. If you want your deltas in the game you have to create them yourself. Why post it if you don’t want it in the game or you don’t want comments??

not reading comments is childish. you can see what people think of it positive and negative and can build on those ideas

Ya might want to move this to Holon

The point is, try not to just recolor, add your original design onto it. Usually people don’t call a fire type a fire type just because they have a fiery tail for instance, so bring out the typing.

That’s enough of that, this isn’t a fusion, so give (positive) criticism on the sprite or don’t comment at all.

No i just don;'t want to redo this it took me almost 1 week to make this

This is not implemented in the game and never will because the game is done content wise. There is no delta braviary at all by the way. Also the last comment was 8 months ago, please don’t necro a dead thread.