Deleting a Save Part 2

Trading Name: Firefiber733339

Offer: Some deltas, and some random legends. Plus some items ig. I can give you a lotta Iv stones, or rare candies, or anything for that matter.

Request: Your respect and that’s all. But I never say no to anything. I’ll take what you’ll give me. BUT, I would like your service as a shiny hunter. I can give you some shinies in SWSH.

Further info: I’m not online here that much, so dm me at FireFiber733339#2264.

@Derpysaga you wanted something?

@thePotato, you wanted my ditto and deino right? I have the ditto, but I haven’t gotten the deino, and I don’t feel like it lmao

@one_above_all, look above to see what I have.

you wouldn’t of got a delta ditto I could trade for?

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I do have one

do you know where its from i want to mausda if you dont mind

thank you for this btw

Legendaries all that yeah?

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yeah, sure thats totally fine w me. if ur still down for it, j respond to my msg on disc svp :))

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what legends do you have fire?

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Can I have your delta ditto?

Delta meloetta, Missingno, and a few others

Mk. Also, I hav something special for you :wink:

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Do ya want something?

I’m online…

What deltas do you have?


i can take the iv stones

Do you so happen as to have any legendaries from this list? Celebi, Shaymin, Azelf, Mesprit, Uxie, Dialga, Palkia, Genesect, Victini, Yvetal, Xerneas