Dawn Stone

Hello, I recently got this game and I have a question relating to this post’s namesake. I plan on using a Delta Ralts and, if I can get a Male one within a reasonable amount of time, a Delta Galade. But I’ll just take a Delta Guardevoir if I can’t get a Dawn Stone early enough in the game.

once you get to Midna town (Nora’s hometown) make a account using secret base and tell me your name ill gift you one

Thank you so much, but I have a really stupid question. How do I make an account with the secret base? I just finished Vipik City and I am about to go through the Crossroads, and I do not remember anything about secret base accounts. I named my character ‘Sawyer,’ if that’s what you mean.

no once you have your secret base go to the back there will be a cave you need to connect to the internet make a name and a password then you can visit others bases and others can visit you

Thank you. I registered as Way_2_Spooky. I have a Fairy type Safari with Jigglypuff in it. I don’t think I have enough badges for more Pokemon yet, but you’re more than welcome to hunt for Pokemon there if you want to. Thank you again for doing this, I assume these are hard to get. If I can do anything to return the favor, I’d be more than happy to.

OK ill go get the dawn stone now

i dont need anything i have 300000 pokedollars

i trying to give you a gift but is says that you username dose not exist

Did you make sure to use underscores instead of bases? I don’t have to upload the base do I? Because that just crashes my game.

I’ll try a couple more times

Is there a technical support forum? Because I don’t know what’s wrong.

14 days late but uploading bases has been bugged for a while, and those secret base gifts are bugged as well. Your best bet to get a dawn stone before it’s available in game(not sure if you can get one before Helios/3rd gym city) would be to see if anyone is available to trade on the discord.