Darkrai/gym glitch

I acquired darkrai before meeting adam somehow and now when I get to the end of the gym he’s not there what do I do?


Wait, so when exactly did you get Darkrai? Are you on randomizer?

Im not randomized, somehow it let me go to him before going to erebus

How many saves ago was this? If it was less than three, I would suggest using a backup to go to before you caught Darkrai and see if that fixes it.

So you could traverse the badlands?

I tried but I had saved 3 times after I had caught darkrai

Yeah I thought something was up when the enemies had jumped levels but didn’t think extremely hard on it.

Then you’re boned

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Are you playing on version 1.2.7?

If you are try downloading a previous version, the other one that you can find in the forums is version 1.2.5, but if that doesn’t work google version 1.2.4 or 1.2.3, hopefully you will be able to do the gym battle and continue the game.

Good luck :wink:

But like, how? How did you get into the badlands in the first place?