Dark/Ghost run decisions

I’m building a roster plan for my next challenge run which will be dark and ghost (since they’re so damn similar). I have… narrowed down a list I’m grinding down slowly and I’ve gotten to this point. I know, some of these aren’t dark types or ghost types. But they evolve into them.

D-Squirtle, D-Budew, Seedot, Houndour, Carvanha, Cacnea (Water Absorb), Scorupi, Inkay, Duskull, Yamask, Litwick, Spiritomb, Phantump, Frillish, and/or Golett.

I can’t/won’t be using gimmicky PvP only strategies. Following this, Gengar is right out as he just can’t take a hit and I need pokemon who can at least marginally survive the first round without consistently pulling off OHKOs.

Some pokes in particular need to be chosen between similar others as having these pokes on the same team would be redundant.

Duskull vs Yamask vs Spiritomb I have experience with Duskull and Yamask and Coffagrigus comes across as gimmicky and short-lived for PvE standards. Dusknoir seems pretty damned good, but I have no idea about Spiritomb. Litwick vs Houndour No experience with either. Carvanha vs Frillish Never used Sharpedo but I have used Jellicent. Sharpedo seems like it will just explode similarly to Gengar. Cursed body is fun, but so is Rough Skin (particularly when coupled with a rocky helmet). If I take Cacnea, it will need water absorb so I can can do Surf shinanigans with whichever of these two I use. Seedot vs Cacnea vs Phantump I have never used Shiftry or Cacturn, but Trevenant is familiar to me. Horn Leach, Shadow Claw, Will-o-wisp/Leech Seed, and Phantom Force are fun.

From them, Houndoom While Houndoom is not a ghost type, it packs a hyper beam! 9no punches) best moveset would be Flamethrower (a fire type get stab) Foul play (good move, hindered by it’s att stat) nasty plot ( incrreases spec. att by 2 stages, vey good for a special attacker. Last one you can pick, make sure it a spec. att though Although it’s a pokemon I would not use my self, It’s acutully a pretty decent guy! With good spec. att, but be careful for fighting types, with a 50 def and a 80 spec def, he’s gonna DIE TONIGHT. ( focus blast is a hard killing spec fighting move, but it has 70% acc which is ok acc; if it hits, think of your houndoom’s 80 special defence and 120 base power. Go for him Or either second choice Cacturne same base stat But lower def and good special Attack AND attack Trevenant is also good if you like, pretty good all rounder but good att only, ok spec att but a lot of gyms have really good defenses like MILTANK both are great, Sharpedo is for " go, damage, die" Like Jolteon but has decent- high hp Jellicant is good for tanking Shiftry is good for att and switch/ healing another pokemon You know Dusknoir is good, that coffin thing ok Spirit Tomb Is the BEST ghost dark Pokemon, even on Cynthia’s team. However It’s hard to catch and maybe you know where it is, if you do, Then It’s gonna hurt the best.

  1. Spiritomb- if you can find it
  2. Houndoom
  3. Dusknoir
  4. Cacturn/ Trevant
  5. Lit wick’s final evolution
  6. Sharpedo
  7. Coffin guy
  8. Jellicant

I’m 4 years late, But
Litwick’s final evolution is Chandelure
Coffin guy is Cofagrigus