Dark and Light story modes?

I started playing months ago, but stopped for a while (almost certain it was before 1.1), and the got my cousin onto it. He says something about selecting a dark/light story mode, but I don’t remember ever choosing one. Is there any way to check/change, or if it was only added after 1.1, what would older games change to?

Original story is Dark, the light version removes violence.

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So, the option was added in 1.1?

Older games will follow the Dark route. It was added in the 1.1 update if I recall correctly.

and when was 1.1 released? I’ve been trying to work out whenI actually started, but can’t find a changelog

you could check the creation date of your save file / insurgence folder, then correlate it with the date of releases on reddit, that’d give you an idea of which patch you started on

Since no one else has explicitly stated this (and I thought that someone should mention it): You have the ability to change story modes from the Options menu.


Haha, so after all that, yes, I am in dark mode which is what is going for, thanks for all your help guys