Damien post game quest(SPOILERS)

what do you do after fighting alongside Lugia against Kyorge

go to whirl islands. lugia is there behind the place you fought audrey.

but what do i do now im trying to get Shaymin

you have to wait, you have to go and rematch E4, after that, Damian will call you

O ok it says there not ready for rematches yet what do i have to do first

You have to go to Mew Cave (Amphirite Cave) and go to fight agains Reukra in the same place where you fought against Nyx. Advice: have lot of ultraballs just in case…

OK thanks for the advice

actually i dont see him at the throne of hedgemon

hmm you should avoid something then, what things have you done after E4?

caught darkrai talk to diana but i haven’t been able to catch cressilia i dont know the best way to do so and all of holon quest

o yea an i did the zygarde hippy quest

okay, so if you did that the next thing is rematch E4

sorry, no, go to perfection cultist base (Jade Tower, Helios) and there, you will see a pokeball with a note. After reading it, you will notice you have to go to Throne of Hegemon