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Damien isn't giving me the delta egg

Damien is supposed to give you an egg of his starter but when I talk to him he only gives me shaymin is there a way to get the last starter

This is a known bug. If you want the last starter, you’ll have to trade.

but isn’t the trading feature bugged as well? (yes I know it’s been [x] amount of years since, but i just want to get this straight)

I’m not sure about direct trainer to trainer but I can verify that the GTS is bugged.
My game crashes when I attempt to manually enter the name of the Pokemon I want.

On a side note, it also crashed when I attempted to upload my secret base.

As for this delta egg, I’m not at that point yet but will let you know if I receive it or not.

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Make sure that you have at least 2 empty spaces in your party to get the egg and Celebi from Damien.

it bugs out when your party is full.

save before you get the egg in case it glitches

I think u have to talk to him with two spaces open in ur parties

I considered this as well but because I am not there I didn’t want to presume.
I’m still not. I’m in the Dream Realm grinding to level 85 before I meet and battle Adam.

Would someone mind please specifying when this occurs so that I can be sure NOT to trigger the event with a full party?
This wouldn’t be the first time I triggered an event or boss battle without ideal preparation or saving due to not having expected it to occur when/as it did (i.e East).

ok I’m like 90% sure its well into the post game but I know its on the wiki so I would check there to be sure

thanks for the info.

It’s not Celebi, it’s Shaymin. Celebi you get at Gaea Town after the E4 rematches from Nora. Damian is supposed to give you both Shaymin and a delta starter egg but there is a bug that only lets him give you Shaymin.