D. Sunkern, D. Munchlax, D. Combee, or D. Phantump

Trading Name: Griffyndor

Offer: I have almost every other Pokemon available, including Deltas. I’ll trade anything that can breed (so I can keep one for myself).

Request: I am having that glitch where certain Grottos aren’t resetting. (Thing is: I never reset my time on my computer, so I don’t know why it is happening.) This means I won’t ever be able to catch Delta Sunkern, Delta Munchlax, Delta Combee, and Delta Phantump. Would anyone be willing to trade me for any of those?

In fact, I’ll even give it back to you after I breed it with my Delta Ditto.

I will trade you a delta phantump for a delta golett.

I also don’t have Delta Golett yet. (That’s the one you get from Battle Tower, right?) Is there anything else you’d be willing to trade? I’d even give the Delta Phantump back to you once I breed it.

Are you okay with the evolved forms?

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