D Sunflorite

I’ve been trying to get Delta Sunflorite since the beginning of quarantine, but still can’t figure out how to get it. Does anybody know the secret to the Pokepon machine?

RNG / Luck. I play for almost 200hrs and I never got it, my friend played for like 20~ and has found it.

Same here. I started the game at the beginning of quarantine and I almost spent 84 hrs and burned through probably 1 billion steps and still did not get it. After that, I ditched sunflora

I got d. etigirafarigite on like my 5th try xd haven’t gotten sunflorite yet

I haven’t gotten either of them

I got a d.Sunflorite by luck, though I could never work it into a team comp since there are better megas/special attackers out there. I could trade it over if you want!