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D-dratini or d-larvesta if anyone has spares

Trading Name: burnsey313

Offer: I’ve got a couple of deltas and 2 girantinas so I’m open to whatever you want

Request: d-dratini (adamant if possible) and/or d-larvesta (timid if possible)

Further info: just let me know when you’re free!


Sweet thanks, when are you around and what would you like?

In a few hours and whatever you have

Cheers, let me know when you’re on

Hey you on today at all?

i can give it to you now for free

I’m also searching for a delta dratini. Do you have more than one?


yes i can give you one as well

Nice! Do you want a specific mon in return? If not I would be ready to trade. :slight_smile:

what can you give also it may take 5 mins for the dratini

I have nothing special to be honest… Was lucky to catch a shiny geodude, if want that I could give that one to you

i can take the geodude wait a second

@luiiis i am ready… trade name is dheer

my trade name is luiiis.

Are you online?

Thank you very much! Have a nice day :slight_smile:

yeah hi i’m on now (BURSEY is my username) what would you fancy?

what can you give

nothing shiny. got some deltas and girantinas. Ive got some breeding spares i got through wonder trade (5IV d-shinx is probably my best)

ill take a giritina