D.cyndaquill help

so curentlly in the satellite corps going to catch the d.cyndaquill and i need some advice on it ill list it down bellow.

whats the best nature and ability for it.

what should my final move set for it look like.

is his normal non mega form viable(im making the mega of the team flygon).

thats it.

It’s a really good Pokémon and timid/modest delta cyndaquils are ideal. The mega is viable and pretty good on new moon teams.

aight thanks

Overpowered more so than just viable, but yeah Mega Delta Typhlosion is really good.

A good moveset for it would be:
Flash Cannon
Thunderbolt/Thunder (if rain)
Dazzling Gleam/Dark Pulse (if darkness)
Energy Ball

aight that should be it. thanks.

ok i got modest. now ill start working on the moveset.