Currently broken/Useless Moves

UPDATE: As the Simulator seems to no longer be getting updates for the time being, I have decided to leave the forums for the time being, all below still seems to be valid as of 7th April however!

For the Abilities post, see here!

After a little bit more of testing, I have decided to document the currently broken/visually impaired moves that may defog (hur) some concerns you might have when building a team!

Please keep in mind that this is not a bug report nor am I a developer, this is just simply a quick sheet to cross-check if you are using anything that wouldn’t quite work out as well as you had expected.

Hope this all helps! (Last updated 03/03/2016)

As a general rule of thumb, having two or more of the same move will not give double the PP, it will however waste a moveslot as all PP is drained from the one move and will disable both/all on the eventuality that the one move will run out.

Slashed determines entities that have been fixed in a recent iteration



Happy Hour (Also spams the log, so don’t :x)
Ally switch (Doubles & Triples exclusively)


Thousand Arrows
Steam Eruption (Smeargle)

Currently broken

Bide (Self damages for -0% instead)
Forest Curse (No effect)
Trick-o-Treat (No effect)

Electric Terrain (No effect)
Grassy Terrain (No effect)
Misty Terrain (No effect)
Power Trick (No effect)
Trick Room (No effect)
Powder (No effect)
Bestow (No effect)
Mimic (No effect)
Oder sleuth (No effect, moves make contact but do 0 damage)
Foresight (No effect, moves make contact but do 0 damage)
Electrify (No effect)
Camouflage (Does not work tandem with environment changes, changes to ground type)
Flower Shield (No effect)
Guard Split (No effect)
Dragon Ascent (No current legal tier to use within, also does no damage but still lowers users stats)

Partially working

Belch (Does not require the user to eat a berry, ever. This is now currently a special-based gunk shot with more PP & accuracy)
Natural Gift (Does not require a berry/does not consume one either)

Fling (Does not work in tandem with thief, multiple items do no damage)

Visually incomplete

Magnitude (Displays two power number results, second being the correct numerical value)
Conversion (Does not display type change)
Conversion 2 (Does not display any additional text if failed)

Safeguard (Does not display visual effects nor activation explanation)

Judgement (Incorrect UI typing)
Wildfire (Error in text, unknown unicode)
Forest Curse (Attacks on target will “miss” instead of fail if given grass immunity such as leech seed etc)

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