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Current team in a new playthrough ( E4 )

I’ve been planning to create a new save file using a new team with an eevee starter.
So I won’t be using d venusaur, d gardevoir, d bisharp, volcarona, mew and giratina.
Can you guys recommend some good/underrated pokes for my new journey.
I will keep on updating the team on this thread. Feel free to comment. (edited)
Currently my team is =

  1. Eve/ Eevee lvl. 89 ( Eevite )
  • Thunderbolt
  • Psychic
  • Moonblast
  • Ice beam
  1. Drill/ Excadrill lvl. 90 ( Hard Stone )
  • Metal claw
  • Earthquake
  • Swords dance
  • Rock slide
  1. Blaziken lvl.89 ( Focus sash )
  • Sword Dance
  • Blaze kick
  • Brave bird
  • Sky uppercut
  1. Delta Snorlax lvl.89 ( Leftovers )
  • Synthesis
  • Belly drum
  • Seed bomb
  • Earthquake

d. Scyther, that **** is op af.

I know this isn’t really underrated (if anything, it’s overrated) but blaziken does very well in the E4, especially with the mega and high jump kick.

Blaziken is great, but it’s mega isn’t. Life orb standard Blaziken hits harder and it’s not worth wasting the mega slot for 20 base speed.

where do i get him tho

friend safaris i think the name is Sherka or rose crater but only 1% chance. I’m allowed on my computer in 2 and a half hours and i do have a naughty nature one that i could trade you if ur interested

it’s ok i’ll find it by myself. thx for letting me know, i’ll use it

but not the mega. You should use ur eevee for that

Instead of Blaziken you should give Delta Vespiqueen a try. It really doesn’t get the love it deserves. It has excellent defensive typing, fantastic bulk, a great move set with one of the best set-up moves in the game, recovery and great type coverage.

damn i caught one a few days ago alr.

High jump kick on blaziken works quite well and if you have it hold wide lens and then a zoom lens in the E4 trick room team. The Wide lens makes the move 99% accurate and the zoom lens over 100%. Maybe instead of blaze kick flare blitz? I think feraligater is good physical water type. Maybe instead of excadrill you could use aegislash? It would be good with swords dance, shadow ball/claw, iron head and sacred sword/ kings shield. To have a ground type that you lose, maybe armoured flygon or swampert? Swampert would also be the water type that you seem to be lacking and flygon seems to be really good in this game with access to amazing moves plus armour which is always good.

It might be a good idea that you have one or two pokemon that have baton pass since blaziken, Excadrill and some of the pokemon that i have just mentioned would benefit from swords dance. I think it would be good to get rid of brave bird on blaziken and have baton pass, although this would mean that you need to breed another since it is an egg move.

This is just a suggestion, but maybe you could use two other moves on eevee instead of moonblast and psychic (maybe foul play and i dare say heal bell?) and then use gardevoir with moonblast, psychic, calm mind and wish. Maybe holding a life orb? An alternative to this would be togekiss, which could use wish, dazzling gleam, air slash and maybe yawn(?)