Copying from launcher to full download

hello, My launcher is lagging and I can not play so I wanna move to raw full download do I uninstall the launcher version then install the game?? or do I keep both And how do I copy my save file?? Plz Help

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If your on PC and not mac, delete the launcher and download the zip file. After that I’ll tell you more details about how to save your save file. If you are on mac, sorry I don’t know how to help you as I am on PC.

What do you mean by "my launcher is lagging"
Also, you can find the downloaded game from the launcher at the Programs(x86) folder under Pokemon Insurgence, you can run the game normally from there without downloading it again.
As for the save file, you don’t have to move it around since it is located on a different directory.

Yeah, pretty much follow what Aboodie said. He/she just absolutely rekt me with the explaining.

I am on pc

Good, then you don’t need to worry about your save file as its stored in the drive of your computer. So it shouldn’t be lost. SHOULDN’T. Anyway, just download the zip file or the launcher again.

ok thx

If it doesn’t work, just reply here!

@Aboodie I meant thaat it would send a long message and at the end it would say uou can still play but i couldn’t play