Here’s my lame attempt to try and keep up the Insurgence hype. How much % of the game do you think is done. My random guess is that it’s around 90 to 99.6% done.

Whats your guess? Or devs,if you’re watching…was my guess close?


Hopefully thats not true xD

5%, Dev Confirmed.

what a shame

Goddamit Lunar. Nah it’s further than that, we just don’t give out more exact info because we don’t want people to get too hyped for a possible date only for it to be pushed back.

im shocked he believed me O_O

Naw, I knew you were kidding. I just played along and didnt wanna force to reveal more info

PS,Im a ‘she’ xD

PSS Greetings from Croatia. Pokemon Insurgence is the best!

I believed you too. But then again I have a hard time detecting when people are sarcastic or joking. Too literal

to be fair, 5% of the game would literally be like the first town and route, hence why i thought the sarcasm would shine out. We had already said we were stopping at two regions so i thought people would get it but im sorry for throwing you off! ^^;

Yea,I’ve been keeping tabs of Suze’s Twitter,so I remember some tidbits and stuff,hence why I made my initial guess of it being 90% completed

It’s fine, I interpreted it as “5% beyond what’s already been done” rather than 5% total. Had I given it much though I probably would have come to the conclusion you intended.

Aha, I see. I don’t get any of the Twitter updates because I avoid social media outlets for the most part.

Ditto,I dont even have a Twitter profile. The only reason I do go there is to see if there will be any news on Insurgence. I mean,I understand why the devs dont want to hype us up,after what happened to Pokemon Uranium,but I dunno,beinng kept in the total darkness like now,kinda bums me out. A screenshot or a hint, anything would be nice,any kind of news,even the progress bar to completion,just so we know whats up. Im not rushing them,I know they all have lives,but I guess Pokemon Sun and Moon kinda reminded me of Insurgence and made me want to continue it,now Im craving any news relating to Insurgence

I haven’t been able to play much since the hard drive on my main computer went bad so I’ve kinda been hungry for news myself. Hopefully I can recover the files and transfer them to my new laptop, I’d hate to lose my shinys. But yeah,

Yea,I wouldnt want to lose my save file too. I leveled up EVERY Pokemon up to level 60, and I got most of the Deltas. Now,Im a bit lazy,but I was planning to make an offer of giving away a Shiny Ponyta to get a Delta Gallade.

…if you even took a moment to look at suze’s twitter you would see he posts screenshots of 1.2 development pretty damn often… :neutral_face:

I dont look at his twitter that often,there was a period where I stopped looking at anything Insurgence related becuase all of my hype for the game died. The flame was re-ignited recently upon seeing a Pokemon Moon lets play. I did do a bit of digging and found a screenshot of what seems to be endgame with Jaern and 2 mysterious people. But then again,I dont have a twitter account,so if I dont go there every day to check,I am bound to miss things

In doubt, think Lunar is being sarcastic

gets prepared to get muted by lunar…