Completely unsure about movesets

So… I’ve already planned out my three teams for the game; Torren Team (used for main story and Taen Quest): Delta Venusaur, Azumarill, Delta Gallade, Delta Muk, Delta Froslass, Delta Ambipom.

Holon Team (used for Holon Quest, Damian Quest, and the whole Arceus Thing.): Jirachi, Ruin Delta Metagross, Fairy Delta Lilligant, Delta Darmanitan, Hydregion, Delta Yanmega.

Postgame Team (Used for E4 rematches, Dev Island, etc.): Delta Volcarona, Delta Golurk, Delta Chandelure, Mewtwo, Delta Scizor, Delta Registeel.

Anyways, I need some good movesets for these guys. I’m not looking to be battling online, I just want some movesets that can carry me through the story.

ok redgyrados don’t use delta scizor because it sucks

I was thinking running maybe Delta Amoonguss instead.

i can help with movesets, but which specific ones do you want them for?