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Trading Name: Riley89

Offer: Just starting out so don’t have much yet :confused:

Request: Delta Petilil (Fairy) / Delta Riolu


UHhh im not at the holon region yet (very close tho) so i will try to breed one for you once i get delta riolu


I can breed one, ive completed the game and holon, so just tell me when.


Wait you can breed, so why do you need Delta Petilil (fairy) or Delta Riolu?


Whenever you’re able is fine :slight_smile: I don’t really have anything to give you in return though :confused:


Im ready now if thats ok


and i dont need anything, i do this because i think its a nice thing to do.


That’s cool! What’s your tradning name?




Guess I shoulda known that ^^;


ah one sec didn’t know I couldn’t access the PC


its ok.


Thanks so much!


No problem.


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