[Complete] Offering Docile D. Pawniard

Trading Name: WarHaxorus551

Offer: Docile

Request: Anything

Further info: Not on Discord. Do the trade in comments. Online right now.

i have these pokemon with eggmoves if you are interested http://imgur.com/a/fHy0r http://imgur.com/a/i7O5y

I’ll take anything…even Trash-Mon :smile:

well if you want one you can have one if we trade for anything you are getting one of them anyways lol

Lol sure. More of your choice. What Pokemon you wanna trade over?

dosn’t matter to me if you prefer one over the other then you can have that one

Hm…I’ll just take the first one. Let me prepare my D. Pawniard and I’ll be ready. :smile:

k on your go

OK, I’m ready. Go.

Nice trading with you. Have a nice day!

cool thanks again

Thanks to you too again.