[Complete] Need someone to evole my Haunter

Trading Name: DManstrator
Offer: Haunter (for Pokédex Registration) + one of the fossils you find in Midna Mine or a fire stone or a magnet (don’t have any more valuable items.)
Request: Every Pokemon you want.
Further info: I have no access to Helios City yet and want to evolve my Haunter asap, it’s already Level 30.

Thanks in advance.

Come on, dudes. It’s quick, easy and you can’t loose, you can only win. Thanks.

Did you even read my post or replied randomly?

Yes I am but I hope that you know that I’ll trade my Haunter and not any other Pokémon, don’t you?

Yes, I’m already online, too.

Is there a Item you want from the list?

I don’t know what’s wrong with the server, I offered to you but I didn’t got a response.

DManstrator, it always says that you accepted it.

Ok, cya.

Are you still in need of the trade? I’d like to evolve mine as well.

I already reached Helios City, so I don’t but I can help you of course. When do you have time?

It’s okay, I’ve got a Haunter now. Thanks anyways~