Trading Name: Dayday

Offer: Iv stones

Request: Lizzy from mystery gift

Further info:

how many?

Uh…How many do you think is reasonable?

one thing you should know. I’m only willing to trade it because i can breed natures and IVs, and am assuming Roost and Solarbeam will be ingame soon, as well as fire blast

ok so how many is a good amount?

hold on, let me ask on discord. I need to know how special it is.

Thats what im doing

4 stones sound good @nate

cow just got involved. That isn’t great news for you. i’m giving you the right to match, but its not in my best interest not to look around

6 iv stones

don’t jump until I find out what he’s doing. If its worth 4, I’m not overcharging you for no reason.

ok gotcha ya Ill have to get off in like 15 minutes so just at me if you find out by then

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