(Closed) Selling shiny gallade

Trading Name: Dechozen101

Offer: EV Trained shiny gallade with hidden ability, expired pokerus, and adamant nature.

Request: Your offers such as IV stones, mega stones, mystery gift mons, and such.

Further info:

I do not care about bredmons or pokerus. I bought this gallade with 2 ev trained shinies, 6 starter stones, and 7 IV stones. I am willing to buy things cheaper than I bought it with as long as it catches my eye.

Would you be interested in a delta snorlax? I’ll give that.

As tempting as that sounds, I kinda want to wait on it. Cow just offered me a delta misdreavus, 6 IV stones, and 6 PP ups.


I can add 8 IV stones and 10 PP ups to the offer.

But I have a shiny delta hue

But everyone has one at this point cause it’s a mystery gift and its value is less. hue.

But it’ll be super valuable when 1.2 comes out or later and you know it hue

Not really tbh when one person offers it a bunch of people will.


All starter stones and 10 IV stones. The drawback is it’ll take me like 2 weeks.

What a deal.

And thanks for the shinies :grin:

I don’t want to sound like a douche bag, but personally, I wouldn’t buy the shiny Gallade for 2 ev trained shnies, 6 starter stones, and 7 IV stones.

was prob a little much but the cahn ce of just encounter that kirlia is like 1/10 or less because HA male and then the shiny rate and the 1/10 is just encountering kirlia in FS

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