Choose my team

I want to do a run through in hard mode but I want my team to be chosen by others since I’m usually pretty indecisive. Please only choose deltas or changed Mons like armoires or primal and only Pokémon that can be obtained before the E4

Mmm if I go by personal preference, I’d say
D. Charizard - D. Scizor - D. Chandelure - D. Snorlax - D. Muk - D. Typhlosion

But if you want a more competitive team, probably better picks would be
D. Venusaur - D. Gardevoir - D. Haxorus - Mega Flygon…

d. Scizor is worse than d. scyther though. The type ice/fighting is terrible defensively but good offensively, and d. Scizor is a more defensive pokemon bc of the stats, with d. scyther being more offensive. The bst is the same for both though and the learnsets are the same.

I know, in fact I specified “personal preference” XD Scizor is just cooler