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Trading Name: SmhVikki

Offer: Lvl. 32 Ponyta, Lvl. 16 Riolu, or Lvl. 41 Typhlosion

Request: A charmander or charmeleon at any level.

Further info: please reply fast as I’m going to be offline in around 1-3 hours. :slight_smile:

Where r u up to in the game?
U can get Charmander in the Route 3 Hidden Grotto at the end of the route before Metchi Town.
Just save before going in and keep resetting until u meet it.

BTW it’s level 10

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Already went in there and I saved past it, I found a pokeball. It’s too late, I’ve saved too many times.

try again the next day?

Yea, u can keep trying after every 12hrs

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