Character basic aspects can change?

heeeey im a little embarrased 2 ask but when i started the game i chose the female character (as i always do in fangames) because it always has better clothing and if i am going to pass hours in a game is better (to me) to see a girl while playing rather than a boy but now im trying to go competitive even getting all the pain of the iv stone obtention by pokepon so i kind of wish to make my character a male and if posible change the name i see by a friend of mine that .save data changer or something like that could make me posible to do that but i also saw here that altering my copy of the game is BAN reason sooo any thoughts? i also thought of just swapping names of the male/female graphics in the folder but i dont know that if i do that it will project in the online battling or if it is considered as cheating

There is no need to do that. Pokepon does not check your player gender.

You can swap the graphics, it is not considered “hacking”, so you should be good if you know which sprites to change exactly.