Change Saved into Insurgence Folder?

Hi, I am just wondering if the dev are able to change the file location from C:\Users(UserName)\Saved Games into the Pokemon insurgence folder as of saved data folder. The reason why i suggested is because i have multiple computer which i moved around quite occasional between dorm, school, and home. Thus, there will be times where a person would forget to move the saved data into a usb. However, if it is portable on a usb drive, meaning i am able to plug in without moving the saved data which is quite convincing. All in all, is it possible for the dev to change the saved data into the Pokemon insurgence folder?

I’m kinda doubting they’d do that since not being in the insurgence folder makes it easier to update the core without needing to transfer the save, but meh.

i don’t think having a save data folder has anything to do with the core. If so please explain it further.

It doesn’t, that’s the point. When a new patch comes out, you can just download it without fear of screwing up your save data without making backups and transferring the save.

I think this should be highly recommend for the dev to work on which i doubt is hard and it benefits alot of user as well