Can't get the Mystery Gift In-game

I recently installed Pokemon Insurgence and patched it to 1.2.2. I had two mystery gifts called “Thanks for the ride (1)” and “Thanks for the ride (2)” After claiming both of them, I was told to go to the Pokemart to get them. But there is no one there. How do I get my Mystery gift? Please help.

Maybe go to a different pokemon center. It should be a man in a green uniform.

This guy?

No. It’s a man.

Oh. Well I’ll keep checking because I couldn’t find him in the Telnor town or Midna town Pokecenter. Where is he normally standing?

To the left. Try going in a large city like Helios City or something.

Alright. I’ll try when I get there. Thanks a lot for the quick replies.

Found him. Thanks.

I ended finding him in the Telnor Town Pokecenter somehow.