Can't Get Delta Wooper?

So I’m at the Game Corner and I really really want Delta Wooper (Halloween themed Pokemon are so rad).
I spent about an hour winning all the coins I did to redeem it. However when I try to redeem it I get this message

As you can see I have more than 7000 coins

However the lady says I don’t have enough??

Is this a glitch? should I just try to win more coins? I really want Delta Wooper and I’m not sure what to do.

I get the same message and I want Delta wooper so bad

I got 1000 more coins and it still says it’s not enough. I feel like this has to be some sort of glitch or bug if multiple people are experiencing it too.

Okay I was finally able to get wooper redeemed. Even though it reads “7000” as they needed amount you actually need “10,000” coins to get Delta Wooper from the Game Corner.