Can you spare a Pokémon with Pokerus (Solved)

Trading Name: Neurstro

Offer: I just started so whatever Pokémon is in the forest

Request: A Pokémon with Pokérus

Further info: I just started the game so I don’t have much to offer

why would you want a pokerus mon so early on? Just curious haha

He’s probably heard how hard the game is and wants every advantage he can get as soon as possible… understandable.

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but the game isn’t that hard?? The only time it’s hard is hard mode or e4 in nornal. if you’re takling hard play reborn lmao

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Sorry meant to close this I have one now but thanks anyway!

Wait how do you close it?

Just edit it the title to say:
"Need Pokemon with Pokerus (Solved) "

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