Can someone trade w/m so i can get delta trevenant

Trading Name: alanpeytonjackso

Offer: delta phantump

Request: any pokemon just give me phantump back after evo

Further info: i could give you an IV stone if you do it

Sure, I will evolve it for you. Can you trade now?

I can help you if you didn’t do the trade already.

if anyone can get on now that would be great

sorry it took long to reply I had to go out of town

I am

OK do you want an IV stone

I can help you right now. My user is Dechozen101. I can send a request on your go.

No thanks I already have eno----

I mean if Decho really wants to help he can

I can do it without any payment needed, but if you really want to give me one that’s cool

OK I’m about to trade

Tell me when you sent it

sent it

Thank you for the IV stone

Thank You

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