Can someone trade a gligar to me?

Trading Name: Wil Leif

Offer: I don’t have much. I can offer a Rotom, Totodile, Axew, or catch something for you up to Vipik City. I can also trade a lv 1 delta deino or delta torchic I got from wonder trade. I also have pokerus pokemon, delta charmander, bulbasaur, and a few more deltas, an eevee, a chimchar, etc

Request: Gligar (preferably good IVs or if not female so I can breed it. adamant nature perfered)

Further info: hi. I don’t have much I can offer, and i’m sorry for that. I just want to use a gligar on my team. If anyone is able to trade with me, I’d greatly appreciate it! thank you.

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