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Can someone give my D.Charmelon HA?

Trading Name: ArenDaPirate

Offer: D.Charmelon(That I ask for you to give back)

Request: Give it HA using Dream Mist(I dont know what it is really is but ik you can change HA with it)

Further info: I hope you return my d. charmelon

Fyi, Dark Aura is not recommended on the Delta Charmander line, as, dark Aura boosts dark moves, which, are super effective against Delta charizard. Also, Dark Aura doesn’t boost its STAB Ghost Moves, which makes it even more useless

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If u still would want it to have dark Aura tho, I can help ya kek

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oh i was gonna use it cause i have a blastoise so i will boost blastoise

yea i would like it you could that for me not yet tho

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Just @ / mention me here when ya can trade, I will be online for most of the day, sooo

@GiaPeNiw hope ur not busy and sorry it took all day but i just got on the computer

@GiaPeNiw are you online?

I’d also not recommend it as dark is basically useless STAB on charizard with it having the ghost typing, which covers the same things besides normal and fighting. Spirit call is a lot more useful, especially on specs/scarf sets if you can get it to that low of hp given the nature of spec’s powerful shadow balls getting boosted further.

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i dont know tho bcuz i want my blastoise to have a lot of dark power

also i decided to have a physical charizard (is that bad) for acrobatics on a team i made on sim(but he had spirit call on there)

yeah that’s pretty bad, and also dark aura only boosts moves when it’s on the field, so it’ll only work in double battles with blastoise

oh nvm i guess spirit call is better

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