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Can I have delta munchlax please?

Trading Name: FILIPO

Offer: anything

Request: delta munchlax

Further info:
No matter how many times I restart the game delta munchlax won’t show up, I don’t know if it’s my bad luck or a game bug but I know something is wrog,
the price is no matter, I must have this delta munchlax!

Hi, um I have a D.Munchy that I’m not willing to use, and I can trade it to you if you want, it has terrible speed, somewhat terrible atk, and lonely nature. If you want it I can trade.

i have a d munchlax you want?

is it for your dex or your team?

Yes, we can trade

For my team, its my favourite delta pokemon

when are you available im available only tmrw just dm me on discord… my id is Kooski#6969

Ok, we have to add in game on online mode. What is your name in game?

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