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Can I borrow a Delta Ditto?

Trading Name:
A Lv 71 Delta Raichu
Request: Delta Ditto

Further info: I just want to borrow a delta ditto so I can breed some of the deltas I’ve gotten so I can have them with my OT

I’m down for this since I killed my delta pika

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Ok, let me know when you are available


I’ll be ready at like 945 est if that works for u

yeah, that will work. When we do trade can I breed the raichu first or have you breed it and give me a pichu?

Either works for me. Depends on what u want

Do u want to keep the ditto or trade back?

I plan on trading it back because I can get my own post game, I just dont want to wait until postgame to breed a few of the deltas I have.

Ok that’s great :smiley:

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You ready to trade?

hold on for a bit i have to do smth real quick

ok, reply to this when you are ready to trade :smile:

im ready now if u r

Yeah, whats your Trading Name?


Mine is Ninjaiden

aight trading

Recieved, I’m going to do some quick breeding and then ill give you the ditto and raichu back :smile: