Can female delta pokemon not pass down HA?

I’ve bred about 15 pokemon now; I used a dream mist on my delta, then started breeding it with my delta ditto, and not a single HA has been passed down. The delta is a female and holding an everstone, the ditto is holding a destiny knot . Am I missing something, or did I just waste a dream mist because I didn’t know about another random restriction on delta pokemon?

Yeah, delta ditto can’t pass down HA for any pokemon(both delta and non delta). Not sure whether it’s an intended restriction or a bug.

Should I post it in suggestions then, since that’s the new bug fix thread?

Suze should know about this bug though which thread are you talking about?



I posted, like, 20 glitches I found during the beta (dragon ruins as final boss). Things like the hidden rare candy bug, and other small things like that. There used to be a website dedicated to posting bugs, but someone set up a bot and flooded the whole thing, so they shut it down. Since there’s no more things being added to the game with suggestions, and there’s no replacement for that forum, I’ve seen people use suggestions to post glitches.

99% of the bugs posted on the forums that are not posted in the bugtracker are ignored.