Busy trying to make a team to beat the E4 with

I’m a returning player trying to beat the game again. I’m currently at Amphirite City, where I will soon defeat the gym leader. I’m doing a Normal difficulty run, I might do a Hard run after this.

My current team is:

Hermes (D. Pawniard) -lvl 48- @D. Bisharpite - Adamant nature - Defiant
-Just caught him, currently training him up, so he doesn’t have a (Good) moveset yet.

Jane (D. Gardevoir) -lvl 77- @Expert Belt - Modest nature - Lighting Rod

  • Moves: T. Bolt, Ice Beam, Psychic, Calm Mind

King (Kingdra - Original, I know) -lvl 77- @Scope Lens - Modest - Sniper
-Moves: Hydro Pump, Dragon Pulse, Flash Cannon, Agility (Didn’t have enough heart scales to get Focus Energy)

Yurei (D. Ambipom) -lvl 77- @Cleanse Tag- Adamant - Cursed Body
-Moves: Fake Out, Shadow Claw, Power-up Punch, Aerial Ace.

I might get a D. Greninja soon, if not, I’ll just get a D. Noivern to take it’s place until I can reach Holon. Any advice in terms of what to get next and what I should improve with my current team?

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My first law against E4: Always get a taunt User. That way, you know you can destroy Kyla whit only 1-2 Pokémon. Regular/Mega Gardevoir is a beast in that situation. Whit Trace, you copy her Smeargle’s Moody, then you stall him until you are satisfied whit your boosts then Mega Evolve (if so).

I always says Kingra require too much setup. If you really want him, spend few minutes breaking the rocs in Korril Town. That’s where I farm my IV Stones and Heart Scale. I have so much I don’t know what to do anymore. I prefer Gyarados or Dragonite as sweepers.

I think D.Gardevoir is a weebit to slow on its own, I suggest a Choice Scarf set to annoy Eduard.
T-Bolt, Ice Beam, Earth Power and something else myght be enough. Of course, 252 SpA / 252 Spe.

As for Hermes’s moveset, try Mach Punch, Cross Chop/High Jump Kick, Areal Ace, Coverage/Bulk Up.

If you don’t have a Sun team, D.Noivern is kinda useless as for personnal opinion.


Thanks for the feedback. I really don’t like the idea of having too many overlapping/extreme weaknesses on my pokemon, so Gyarados is a no go for me since it’s 4x weak to electric.

However, I do have a D. Ludicolo in my pc with a good nature (Can’t remember if its Modest or Timid) with Water Spout, Daz. Gleam, Psychic and Aura Spere, would that be a sufficient replacement? I never tried beating the E4 with it before and my memory is a bit rusty considering that I last beat them two(ish) years ago.


Magic Bounce might be helpfull against Eduard and Yuki if they use Stealth Rock, but you can avoid this in the fisrt placy by using taunt.

Best Taunt user against E4 (As far as I tried): Trace Mega Gardevoir, Gengar, Mold Breaker Haxorus and Mega Alakasam.

Already explained Gardevoir. Regular one is fine, but speed matters for me. Tracing Rotom’s levitate, Mega Cacturne’s Sand Rush and Mamoswine’s Thick Fat are all huge benefit for the team.

Gengar is immune to Earthquake from Eduard’s Hippodwon, making him 100% useless. Then, use Shadow Ball to catch his Aegislash.

Haxorus does 3 things: Taunt, Dragon Dance, Sweep. A moveset unisng Dragon Dance, Taunt, Poison Jab / Earthquake, Dual Chop is theoreticly nice. Poison Jab cover his Fairy Weakness, Earthquake hits Levitate user such as Rotom and Dual Chop breaks Focus sash. He will struggle a bit against Yuki for obvious reasons.

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My only advice for the e4 is level everything up to level 120 and use a fast Pokémon that can make Kayla’s Smeargle get paralyzed or go to sleep. Against the other members of the e4, just use a move that can beat anything in 1 or 2 hits.

Also, word of advice, get an Ice type. The champion has a powerful Mega Flygon. If not a Pokémon of the type, than get a move of that type (preferably Ice Beam or maybe even Blizzard. Hell, I can supply you with a D. Ralts if you want, since I have a D. Ditto. Another word of advice as an edit, if you go for D. Gardevoir, I’d recommend not using it against Smeargle since you probably would need some 31 IV 252 EV on speed, but that’s just me)

Leveling to 120 is kinda useless, since the E4 scale iteslf to the player’s level (but with a minimum level obviously).

I did it so that the e4 wouldn’t scale to a higher level every time my highest level Pokémon levels up

True, but then, it removes totally the challenge of the Post-game. That itself is the reason why I don’t do this. I guess having Pokémon to the sema level upon entry is enough. Maybe packing some Rare Candy.

Choice Scarf D.Gardevoir is very powerfull against E4, I recommend it.

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Hi, first of all, thanks so much for the time you took for the replies. So far I’ve grinded for some IV stones and EV trained my D. Gardevoir (who now has 252 S. Atk and Spe EVs along with 6 Def and also max S. Atk and Spe IV’s) and D. Ambipom. Just need some IV stones for it to have max attack and speed.

Also, I noticed on the Wiki that D. Gardevoir doesn’t have Trace as an ability, so copying Smeargle’s moody seems impossible for me. I’m thinking of replacing Kingdra with my Jolly Flygon (With Flygon Armour), although it does have a 4x weakness to ice, which worries me greatly.

Any recommendations on other team members to have at this point?

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