Buglocke Gone Hilariously Right

So I just got back into playing Insurgence thanks to a friend of mine, and I completely forgot I was doing a buglocke in one of my saves! Out of love for ya boy, who I theme each buglocke for, I decided to continue it.

For reference, my version of a type locke is essentially only using that one type and only catching that type. There is no perma-death, no item bans, none of that. Just a plain old “you only get this one type and this one type only, get used to it.”

I quickly realized why I’d stopped playing the buglocke before I’d quit the game: I can’t even get past the grunts in the first town. Since there are only two bug types available in Shade Forest, I only had a Beedrill and a Butterfree backing up my spider Beldum (I procured my little spider boy by starting the game as a solo run then forfeiting it). After around two tries of getting wiped by the grunts, I turned to the dexnav. Was there a trainer here I could beat to get levels? And then it hit me. The man, the myth, the legend. Elder Clint Eastwood and his 44 Magnum. See, I’m using a half ground type for my starter which gives me immunity to all of his moves except Explosion. And since he’s choice scarfed, once he locks in a move he’s stuck. So I cheesed tf out of him. Did my beldum only know mud-slap? Yes. Did I still beat him by having him struggle on one of my other mons? Yes. Did I rack up levels and money at an insane rate? You bet I did. I cheesed him and before I knew it, I was on my way. I wiped the grunts and later wiped Orion with my Delta Metang. Once again, Clint and his Magnum came in clutch in my run lol


Yesssss finally something to follow on the forums :slight_smile:
ALso I have to say, this run is sounding really promising!