Bug when battling

uh i was trying to battle my friend a few days ago. when we got in the screen where we can see each others character,i was going fine, but when we put in our attacks, it either showed waiting or a blank text box, we kept trying but could not

Online battling in-game is still buggy to the extent that only 1v1 battles are possible. Emphasis on possible because sometimes even 1v1 battles don’t work. Reason being any kind of switching(including switching in a pokemon after the previous one faints) causes the game to get stuck. In addition, the following also cause the same: Any switching moves that cause switching like U-turn, Volt switch, Whirlwind, Roar, etc.; leech seed, and custom moves. If a critical hit occurs, that causes the game to be stuck on waiting as well. You can also use the battle sim: https://battling.p-insurgence.com/