Bug v Bug: Buglocke Second Gym

Heyo! Rat back at it again with the buglocke >:] As a quick recap from my previous post, I’ve been continuing a buglocke run I started a while back! My variant of a typelocke, as I’ve mentioned before, is only a typing restriction. None of the other nuzlocke rules other than nicknames really apply. But onto the :sparkles: content :sparkles: of the post!

In my last post, I’d cleared Orion’s gym in a snap thanks to the hard carry from my Delta Metang. Once I’d finished up with the story stuff, I did a bit of side work for the Broadcast Tower; this might be a bug only run but you bet I caught that delta Grimer. With that done, I headed back down to the ground floor, hopped on my lapras and was on my way. I sprinted headlong for the next town while avoiding every trainer possible.

Now, I gotta say Metchi is probably one of my favorite towns in the game. It’s so quaint and peaceful! But the top reason I adore it is the secret bases. These things are an absolute time saver when it comes to this game. A free (with the VIP pass) teleporter in all the towns, level farm, EV trainer, IV changer, move relearner, and of course the Friend Safari. I used the Friend Safari to snag some more mons, a Spinarak and a Scatterbug to be exact. Vivillon has huge potential as my team’s special attacker, at least in the early game, so I wanted to get her early. I then used the Level Trainer for grinding until I had a suitable set up and levels and then went at Xavier.

I gotta say, this battle was another wash out. My metagross wiped most of his team with Earthquake (even his mega Beedrill) and I busted out butterfree with psybeam to take out his Haunter (she was on just three HP with a burn when I swapped her back out for Xavier’s final mon). And once his Croagunk went down, the battle was ours. We’d won the day once again, this time against a fellow bug type enthusiast. But of course, when we’d made a step in the right direction, a new challenge faced us: the Abyssal Cult.

Unfortunately, I haven’t pushed past this part mostly because I’ve been grinding to try to get a Speed Boost Venipede. I really love Scolipede, and I want to use it as my team’s lead switch set up (with Baton Pass and Swords Dance as well as the Speed Boosts) and Toxic Spikes setter. If anyone has venipede as their first slot in the Friend Safari, hmu! Once I get my cenipede and push through some more, I’ll be sure to report back! Until then, I’ll catch ya on the flip side :]:sparkles:

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