Bug:Hit by status effect moves everytime ifullheal

I dont know if this is a bug or done on purpose. But every time I heal a status effect the AI proceeds to hit me with the same attack. But as soon as I dont heal the status effect the computer switches move. I bought 50 full heals just to confirm my assumptions. Turns out I use those 50 heals and the same behavior happens. Get hit by shock wave, full heal. Then stop using full heal and get hit by an attack.

If the AI guesses right than I have no issues with them using shock wave or status effects moves on me. But it seems that the AI reacts to a full heal being used, rather than predicting a full heal use. I dont know if this is a bug but it is not a good gameplay mechanic.

The AI cheats a bit here and there, for example if it “sees” you have an item that wakes you up (e.g. Chesto Berry), it will try to avoid putting you to sleep, so I believe that’s an intended behaviour to make things a bit harder :sweat:

ok so i should bait a spore on the baton bitch and then delete her

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baton bitch?

yeah i have nothing against the AI to make things harder, I just wished it could be punishable. Like if they tried to read my full heal, but I used an attack to punish them trying to punish my full heal.

cough elite four cough
one of them is baton pass