Broke af

i need money really badly. how do i get money quickly? please help

Battle trainers in your pokenav. Im not sure which one is gives the most money. Try the burgler or rich kid. Their teams are only lvl 50

Dun is even better.

  • Go to Sonata city and rack up sponsorships by doing races (ice path). After doing 50 races, you’ll get over 10k per race.

  • Battle Memory Chamber trainers, make sure to use Amulet coin to maximize monetary gain. This can be done anywhere.

  • Farm comet shards off wild Clefable. These sell for 60k each.

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how do i open memory chamber again? theres no more pokegear

Open the dex nav and click the pokeball icon on the right.

For the memory chamber i recommend fighting ace trainer helixslash, all he has is an aegislash and gives 3000 per fight.