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Bring Back Mega Evolution in SWSH

It is explained why you should sign when you click it

Even if it gets 100 signatures what’s only 100 signatures gonna do, heck what would 100,000 signatures do? Gamefreak has made it abundantly clear that they don’t care too much about the fans, they care about the money. Fans < Money

Not happening. At least in Gen 8. Maybe 9 though.

idc at least in gen 9

it shows how much fans want mega evolution

Cutting pokemon made them money. Fans really wanted all the pokemon back. They could’ve added them all back, but nah, adding DLCs would make them more money, and like I said, Fan < Money. It’s a simple equation.

eh ig your right

I guess I’ll just sign it anyways.

honestly, I wish megas stay dead, and rather than making a pokemon rely on a stone buff that pokemon’s base stats/movepool/ability

But I mean, they’re cool.

yeah they’re cool, but I found them pretty unnecessary considering you could just change the BASE pokemon and even then you could provide more buffs to a wider variety of pokemon

Still, Mega >> Z-moves by miles.

zmoves were bad but at least every pokemon could use them

megas beat z moves?

I think everyone thinks megas are better than z moves

May I Speed my mind?

I won’t sign. I love Mega, even though the fact of torturing a Pokémon in order to achieve greater power is not what I could call ethical. I don’t think putting Mega in Gen 8 is a good idea because, on itself, Dynamax is not a bad idea.

Don’t make me say what I didn’t, Dynamax is crazy broken in singles, but I still think it was on a good track. Double HP is already broken, probably 1,75x or 1,5x would be better and having only the G-Max moves to have side effect would be an effective nerf. Plus, current Dynamax is already good in Doubles. Just imagine how chaotic would be a game with both Dynamax and Mega Evolution.

I think the reason why people don’t like Dynamax is because of player expectations. We already had the unjustified hype of new Mega Evolution during the first SWSH trailer. There also could be the 100% toxic expectation of the game being a Gen 4 remake (which is, in my mind, one of the most annoying thing about the Pokémon fandom) and seeing another new mechanic dropping in instead that canalised the anger of those toxic players into shouting: “We want Pokémon Platinum and we get big Pokémon instead? F**k you game freak!” I also agree that dropping a fan favorite feature was a wrong idea, but saying Dynamax is bad soly because is replaced Mega is basically cognitive bias.

The weakest point of SWSH is the communication. Game Freak/The Pokémon Company International wanted to keep the DLC a surprise. So, when the fanbased asked why there weren’t all Pokémon, they lied telling it was to save ressources and animations. We know it’s mostly false and it probably sounded batter in their Head than when telling it. Look at the fact: marketing and gestion-wise, the DCL is a much better idea than coding a more complete third version like they did before Gen 5. Even then, realize that we’ve already been buying those “dlc” before as Emerald, Crystal, Platinum and USUM. What changes? Now they say it’s a DLC?

Game Freak have to handle the most lucrative franchise in history, but they are still directed like a small company and does not have the time to reorganize itself. Now, they must handle: Mainline games, Spin-Off titles and remakes, the Anime, the Mangas, Merch, advertising and toy production contracts all at the same time. Also, don’t forget, if any games stays too much similar for 23 years, people call it repetitive and now the fandom starts yelling! Because very little people spend the time to express clear feasable solutions instead of just mindlessly complaining, it become hard to differentiate what belongs to the core of the main serie and what can be left out. Gyms and the gym leaders are a good example. They tried out if it really was necessary in SM, and they learned the lesson as they are back in Gen 8. Plus, we now demands always more! New Megas! Always new Pokémon by the hundreds but *EXACLY HOW I WANT THEM TO BE without looking deeply at their core design! More items! More mechanics! More interesting character! ALWAYS MORE!

As large as the Pokémon franchise is, a single mistake becomes a Twitter battlefield. The game designers are in a literal minefield where they must be creative in the exact same way the fan base and investors want them to be.

Can’t you see they are trying to change? They are bringing back Forgotten titles like Pokémon Snap and the old PMD, they are making HUGE projects like Pokémon Unite, keeping Pokémon Go and the main games from falling into oblivion, still producing their never ending Anime and Manga, trying out the mobile game market with Pokémon Quest and Pokémon Café Mix and even giving a shot at educational games! How are you reacting? “WTF ITS NOT LETS GO 2 OR THE GEN 4 REMAKES? I WISH YOU GO BANKRUPT AND YOU DIE IN TORTURE!”

No wonder they do not do those remakes, there is NO WAY they can possibly reach your unrealistic expectations. It’s Pokémon we are talking about, it will never be like that first time you grabbed that cartridge and dived straight in a new world. Nostalgia makes you biased. Have you ever wondered why your first Pokémon game is always the best? Because it was the first. No game can be like the first, so please stop asking them to be that way.

Ever wondered why Game Freak putted attention at Gen 1 at some point? It’s because they want to start anew and focus back on what their original target was: kids. Of course the Swith games are more childish than Coliseum and Gen 5! Now, accept that you are not the prime audience.

Now, who’s the first to backslash me? Who will insult me first because I’m thinking differently?

I guess there is a reason why I don’t allow myself to say what I really thinks.


Statistically, there are who prefer Z moves.

smh my head yeah it’s just an exaggeration

can you please just say you don’t want sign that hurts my head…

just fixed it

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