Breeding Shop!

#Breeding SHOP Trading Name: Cheese555 Reposting due to old thread being closed.

Breeding ALL mons come with competitive 5IVs, which means that all its IVs will be 31 except for the useless stat (either special attack or attack) and a desired nature. Basically, I can breed almost any pokemon to have a competitive moveset with a few exceptions: move tutor moves and some TMs that aren’t available yet in 1.1. Note that I can and will breed some TM moves, but some are just not possible. I can do this for ANY breedable and available mon (basically no legendaries or kricketune). I also offer Hidden Power on some pokemon, including a few types in the Field and Grass egg group, and I may do others, just ask! (I will charge one extra IV stone for Hidden Powers.)

tl;dr Ask me what you want, and I’ll tell you if I can do it. Pokemon You can request any Pokemon you want (aside from legendaries and very few exceptions) with almost any set of moves. I would recommend looking at to see which moves you want. The Pokemon will come with the moves requested that are not level-up moves. You will have to make sure to learn them when the Pokemon tries to or use Heart Scales if you make a mistake. Pricing My favorite part :stuck_out_tongue: . I charge one IV stone for any pokemon with any amount of egg moves (the moves the bred mon comes with: either unobtainable TMs or Egg Moves). You can also pay in shinies! Any shiny will grant you at least 4 bred mons with as many egg moves as you want. I may offer more if I like the pokemon offered and/or if it has a good nature. Just tell me the pokemon and its nature for me to tell you its price. Trading Time Unfortunately, I’m not on the discord so we’ll have to trade here. I live in PST time zone (GMT-7:00 I think), and I’m usually available almost all day on weekends and from 4:00-6:00 on the weekdays (usually more). #Waiting List @mamat2711’s Torchic, Larvitar, and Froakie: Larvitar and Torchic are done and traded. Working on the Froakie soon.

@Cheese555 i’m free right now to trade…

Ok the torchic’s ready, I’m almost done with the larvitar. What’s your trade name? Mine is Cheese555.


Trade is one IV stone for the torchic. Your go.

already online…go

Trade complete, thanks! I’ll let you know when the larvitar and froakie are done.

ayt…ty…just ping me…:+1:

@mamat2711, your larvitar is done! I’m taking a short break of 1-2 days (irl stuff is really packed right now), so I won’t be able to work on your froakie immediately, but we can trade now if you want.

@DarkMystic are you there to trade?

I see…np tho…sure lets trade…

@Cheese555 im online right now…

Wich one was it?

@DarkMystic We are trading for your snorlax. @mamat2711 I missed you, my bad. Are you here now?

are u on discord rn?

I’m not on discord. Are you still here?

Woot woot…kinda busy before…are you free now?

Yes I am! Your go.

sec…ill go online

@Cheese555 ok go!..huhu