Breeding services

Trading Name: stances

Offer: Will breed pokemon to 5iv and eggmoves or tm moves available to breed of your choice for IV stones shiny pokemon heart scales or w/e. here are a few of the pokemon i already have they all have beneficial abilities natures and abilities. I can atempt to do hidden power moves have a couple of dittos with 30iv stats that i need.

Request: IV stones shiny pokemon heart scales or w/e of value

Further info:

Hey, What you want for a bold slowbro 5x31 with flamethrower and regenerator?

2iv stones work?

Hmm what you think 1 iv stone and 10 heartscales?


what nature did you want on it? modest? nvm im stupid you said bold my bad lol

Bold nature

How much will Male Timid Protean Froakie with Ice Beam, HiddenPower Fire (5IV excluding Atk) cost?

have the 5 31iv slowpoke bold with regenerate and flamethrower ready

If it is going to be HA you need specific ivs so the ivs would have to be all 31 and 30 to get the best base power HA and would take awhile for me to complete so will cost quite a bit for it dont really know exact do you have a shiny you would trade for it?

sorry, i just started and i dont have any shiny. do u mind if i offer a Charizardite Y + heart scales?

Have the HP froakie now will talk to you in discord at some point

alright. thanks

SIr i want a protean Greninja with dark pulse and ice beam?

cant breed dark pulse greninjas anymore if you want i have froaki with ice beam and hidden power fire with perfect 70 base damage on it.

OK go foakie with ice beam I want female

I want a timid froakie with ice beam i can offer 3 iv stones