Breeders Wanted

Trading Name: JetstreamSam

Offer: 1 IV Stone Per Pokemon

Request: Female Delta Ralts, Rough Skin Gible, and Speed Boost Torchic

Further info: I don’t really care about the IVs. I want all of them to be hatched. Ty.


i can get torchic and gible also i prefer 2 heart scale if you can give but abbilty is a problem cuz i dont have enough money for now if you want i can grind pls reply quick and gible is ready with normal abbilty

I may have a Female D. Ralts

But the nature…idk what nature.

We’re all just waiting for gia lol

Also I think I have some leftover speed boost torchic

torchic is ready in egg gible is ready but the abblity doesnt match so i can only give you torchic for 1 heart scale but iv stone works too


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